We're now much easier to find, proudly set up in the new Langs Corner building at the bottom of the Crown Street Mall. Mike & the team have moved from their old digs in Pig Alley, where Runner Duck was established in 2019.

You can sit in the morning sunshine and watch the mall come to life, hide out in the building lobby for a quiet espresso, or park up on the bench to enjoy the sights and sounds of our bustling coffee house. 

We’ll help you select the right coffee beans for your home set up, offer advice on brewing, we’ve got accessories and coffee gear for all your needs. 

Step by Step Brew Guide

Check the guide below to see what recipes we use for our brewing. Start with the basic 60g/L ratio and work out what variables take you where you want to go. No rules, just relax and get brewing.

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How to find us

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