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PNG Kimel Plantation A.

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Varietal:Typica Arusha

We're Tasting:citrus, light cocoa, apples.

Tip:Best for brewing


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Being washed, this one will give you more body in your brew than a typical natural processed bean. If you get your recipe right, you’ll get a savoury, earthy start, then citrus and apple, finishing with light cocoa. We love PNG coffee!

PNG Kimel Plantation A

Kimel is one of the very few estates in PNG and is situated to the north of Mount Hagen. It's operating its own wet and dry mill, covers 600 hectares and accepts the production of local and village plantations which cover an additional 1000 hectares. Growing Arusha, Bourbon, Typica varietals, the original trees on the estate were from the Jamaican Blue Mountains. A combination of the unique environment and plantation practices such as using coffee pulp for fertiliser, dried husks for heating and fresh, unpolluted water from the mountains all add to the estates sustainability practices. Kimel beans are acknowledged for their distinctive characteristics, especially the savoury notes and bright, very pleasant acidity. This is our filter recommendation, fruity, soft, clean and bright tasting. Stick to the basic brew recipe of 60g/L to achieve its best results.

Varietal:Typica, Arusha

Method:Full washed

Altitude:1584 MASL

Step by Step Brew Guide

Check the guide below to see what recipes we use for our brewing. Start with the basic 60g/L ratio and work out what variables take you where you want to go. No rules, just relax and get brewing.

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