Barista Basics Training

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Easy to understand Barista Basics Training

We now offer an easy to understand barista basics training course for beginners. We are an established coffee house in the heart of Wollongong CBD and have an experienced team who are ready and eager to share their knowledge from within the industry.
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This course offers:

  • Insights from experienced professionals in the industry
  • Step by step instruction on best practice, alternative methods
  • Understanding of outdated equipment & techniques vs current digital equipment/new techniques
  • We’ll take you through how we set up our equipment and the goals we aim to achieve
  • Troubleshooting
  • Certificate of Attendance*
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Why get Barista Training?

  • Get started on your new career, or re visit the bits you might have skipped

  • Feel more confident in producing a quality coffee every time

  • Get relevant experience on current equipment and techniques

  • Increase your chance of getting a job anywhere - cafes are loved and needed everywhere

Experience working behind the counter on quality coffee equipment!

Secure your spot for this months class. Max. 4 participants per session means more time on the machine for you!

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*Certificate of Attendance offered on completion. Why? Because you need to further develop the skills we introduce you to. You wont be ready yet to roll up your sleeves as a barista!